Talenti in gioco – Milan

Fostering positive development in future generations


Fondazione Milan and Fondazione Nice to Meet You launch ‘Talenti in Gioco,’ a multi-year initiative aimed at contributing to the strengthening of the educational path within the school system to foster positive development in future generations, reduce inequalities, and ensure equal opportunities for all.

The project, promoted by two Italian-born entities that have a global impact in the field of education, was initiated last October and focuses on the creation of both curricular and extracurricular workshops.


The project’s institutes are located in the outskirts of Milan and cater to a predominantly foreign-born student audience, which poses additional challenges that, if not addressed correctly, can contribute to disconnection and school dropout. The initiative aims to establish an increasingly inclusive educational environment, promoting student well-being and contributing to their educational journey.

The proposed activities encompass a variety of experiences, engaging beneficiaries in a fun and constructive manner, introducing them to various sports disciplines, foreign languages, and innovative extracurricular activities, with the primary goal of empowering students to take center stage. To this end, Fondazione Milan and Fondazione Nice to Meet You have carefully selected specialized coaches and industry professionals to lead the workshops, serving as positive role models to inspire students to pursue success both in activities and in life.


Throughout the current academic year, the initiative involves over 300 students from the elementary schools ICS Bruno Munari and ICS Val Lagarina, as well as the middle schools ICS Alda Merini and ICS Sorelle Agazzi, selected in collaboration with the Education Department of the Municipality of Milan.

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