There are many Rossoneri fans who have left their marks in life. Through this space, we collect stories and testimonies from relatives and friends who wanted to remember them with a memorial donation to support the social projects of Fondazione Milan.


It is heartwarming to see those we have loved in the faces of children who are delighted to play sports.

When loved ones pass away, a void is left: this is the opportunity to keep their memory alive with a ‘in memory’ donation, to give joy to those who are experiencing difficulty or do not have the opportunity to play sport with their peers.

Throughout the years, we have received memorial donations from so many donors that we have been able to use to fund social projects that we run every year in order to bring hope to the vulnerable and marginalised young people in our society.

Sport for All

Sports can be a means of inclusion for young people with disabilities who exercise together with their peers.

Sport for Change

This program sets out to develop the talents of young people who are at risk of social exclusion and who cannot afford sports.



This program supports interventions that are designed to generate positive impacts in local communities.

Thank you!

Even during a difficult time like the loss of a loved one, it is possible to do good and ensure the future of the most marginalized and fragile young people.