Tommaso joins a big family | Sport for All

"As if all the problems outside disappeared the moment we entered the room."

I have been attending the Accademia Scherma Lia for three years, specifically the Sport for All programme promoted by Fondazione Milan and AITA. Today I can say that I feel fully part of this great family. The Academy for me is not only training, athletic preparation or teaching techniques, but it is also a place where I can feel myself without ever being judged. Thanks to the teachers, we are able to spend our training hours as if they were moments ‘outside’ of the world, as if all the problems outside disappeared the moment we entered the room. I feel that over the years I have grown physically, but the Academy also allows you to grow from a technical point of view in sport. I try every day to improve my fencing, to work on my weaknesses and strengths.

All this could not happen without the help of my teachers, who support me in everything. They know me well, they know my weaknesses and they also understand when I have something wrong. They manage to respect my ‘no’ moments without asking for anything and when I am the one exposing my problems they always manage to be of great support. I feel understood and I feel I belong to something. I’ve found friends in the Academy, some of whom I’ve bonded with more because of their age or character, but we all love each other very much. The academy is a real family, we always help and support each other, so it’s a place I really like.

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