Christo George Matteo’s dream | South Sudan

©UNICEFUNI219801Gonzalez Farran

Christo George Matteo is 12 years old, pictured is showing his work after attending an art project about his future, organized by UNICEF at the Toby Primary School in Wau, South Sudan. Christo says: “I want to become a captain of a plane, and when you are a captain you need a map to see where you are going and that is what I have drawn. You can see the roads going in different directions. I want to carry people and goods and I want to work here in South Sudan and to the north [Karthoum].”

Toby Primary School assists 437 students (202 boys and 236 girls). It is funded by USAID, which has provided four classrooms and an office and learning materials for the children. With its donation to UNICEF, the Fondazione Milan is supporting activities to ensure greater and fairer access to quality education for children and adolescents affected by conflicts and other emergencies.

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