Leonardo and a dream that become true | Sport for All

For Leonardo the sport is his happy "oasis"!

Leonardo is an extremely sensitive child with a very high IQ. He suffers from Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Attention Deficit Disorder: all these characteristics in a child of only 9 years old can make life in a team difficult for him, although this is one of his greatest desires.
Thus, his first experience in sport went badly: the sports club the family turned to did not have the tools to manage Leonardo’s fits of rage and after a few months asked him to leave the team.
Then, thanks to the collaboration between Fondazione Milan with its “Sport for All” and CSV Emilia active in the territory of Reggio Emilia with “All Inclusive Sport”, and the design, with the super tutor Tristano, of a dedicated, gradual but long-term project. The confidence that has been created with Tristano and the tutor, his mother tells us, is one of the greatest values of this project. “This is a dream come true for him”. We are thrilled to hear this phrase repeatedly from his mother’s voice. For the first year, Leonardo was accompanied by an educator who took him to the park to play with the other children, to introduce him to the mechanics of football: respect for opponents and the rules of competition, acceptance of mistakes, defeats and the negative emotions that accompany them.
Today, after that propaedeutic path, Leonardo has joined ASD Reggio United, with the support of his tutor Alberto and his coach. He started with one training session a week and after a short time he went straight to two.
“Since he knows he can play football, Leonardo is more motivated in everything, even in school. He has a release valve, he feels part of a team. All the more so in these months, when the rules against contagion make it even more difficult to socialise, it is wonderful to be able to come here. It’s his happy oasis. I’ve even put All Inclusive Sport on my whatsapp profile.”
With a donation you can support Leonardo and Fondazione Milan in its project to support the most fragile and emarginated people! 

Cheer and support Leonardo with us!