Stefano and his limitless passion – Sport for All

Stefano is a cheerful, imaginative, and die-hard fan.

Stefano started playing football at PlayMore! a few years ago, and with great enthusiasm, he has decided to share his story with us:

“My name is Stefano, better known as ‘the bomber.’ I have been attending PlayMore! for ten years, where I play football in the Sport for All program supported by the Fondazione Milan.

Football has always been a great passion of mine, which I share with my dad, who is also a die-hard fan. I have always gone to the stadium to watch matches and cheer like a true ultra-fan. My favorite moment is when my team scores a goal and you hear the roar of the supporters. I have always wondered how players feel when they hear a stadium full of people cheering for them.

Before coming to PlayMore!, I had never had the opportunity to play in a team. Even though I had been following football for a long time, as soon as I arrived, I noticed a difficulty: I couldn’t control the ball. Gradually, my coaches and teammates taught me, and since then, I haven’t stopped. Today, I play as a forward, and every game, I give it my all to score goals. When it happens, it’s an incredible feeling: I see all my coaches proud of me, and my teammates run towards me with joy, just like in Serie A.

Football commitment is very serious to me. We train twice a week, in addition to the matches, and we play in any weather condition, even when it’s pouring rain and we are soaked (maybe it’s even more fun that way!).

In recent weeks, I participated in the SuperLeague, the most anticipated moment of the season, an opportunity to compete and make friends with many players like us.

Thanks to the Sport for All football program, I have grown both as a player and as a person, learning to celebrate victories but also to accept defeats. I have met many new friends and teammates, each with their own difficulties, and we have helped each other improve on and off the field.

As we always say: unity is strength!

In the future, I hope to continue playing with my team and improve even more, aiming to become the top scorer of the league, always dreaming of San Siro.

A special thanks to Fondazione Milan, PlayMore!, my coaches, and all the volunteers who play with us for the time you dedicate to us and for the incredible experience you are giving us! Go Sport for All!”