Restore the Music Milan – Music and Sport

The aim of the project is fighting the educational poverty by using music and sport.


Fondazione Milan presents “Restore The Music Milan”, a new project that will fall into the ASSIST Programme, which includes an array of initiatives that seek to give concrete support and better living conditions to the members of our local community. In addition to our usual social commitment, which uses sports and soccer as powerful tools to foster education and social inclusion, we decided to get on board with a brand-new initiative with the intent of using music as another means of informal education by making it available to as many children as possible.


The project involves strengthening the music courses of three primary and secondary schools, located in some of the most under-served districts of our city, by donating a series of musical instruments and an ad hoc training course, with the aim of bringing more students closer to music and offering quality musical education to all, promoting culture and inclusion.

In a world made of deeply rooted inequalities and missed opportunities, our ultimate goal is to give children the possibility to grow, discover their talents and ultimately develop their skills and potential.


The beneficiries will be children of three differents school in Milan: Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Ermanno Olmi”, Istituto Comprensivo “Sant’Ambrogio” and Istituto Comprensivo Statale “Trilussa”.

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