Precious: a “sporting jewel” | Sport for Change

Empowering women and girls through Football

Precious is an 11-year-old girl attending fifth grade at Bishop Cyprian Kihangire. Everyone considers her a “sporting jewel”.

In fact, Precious is very dedicated to her passion for sport. She promotes interest in football among her classmates. She is ambitious and proactive. It was she who asked the teachers to let the girls join the football team.

Coach Alex: “Precious surprised everyone with her courage. She came forward asking for something she probably did not expect to get”.

Girls in Uganda often keep their dreams and desires hidden, especially when it comes to football, which is still perceived as a sport reserved for men (girls’ football in Uganda is in fact a new phenomenon).

Coach Jimmy says: “The girls at BCK primary school are taking action to question a society that has traditionally given a lesser space to the female gender. I am excited about this upcoming era of football in our school because it is bound to unleash the true potential of girls”.

Precious has always loved football, and this is what she told us during the selection: “I grew up around boys. My brothers often watch football and I like to listen to them when they talk about it. I hope that football gives confidence to many girls and helps them grow in the community. I have always loved the number 8 and I am committed to playing with that number in midfield in my team. Since watching FC Uganda Express on television my interest has increased! What scares me is that although football has opened doors for us at school, we might not have the same opportunity when we return home. However, I will not let this opportunity pass me by. Maybe I can encourage my friends to come with me to the community playground to practice. That way I can continue to practice what the coaches teach me.”

Precious is a determined child, and we are confident that she will be a teammate that all her teammates can count on! We are happy that thanks to Fondazione Milan‘s support, we will be able to extend the offer to young girls. They will be able to develop their talents and become true leaders of tomorrow. An example for all those young girls who, due to prejudice, are forced to keep their dreams to themselves.

Here are the words of Fiona Ochora, Project Officer of Fondazione Italia Uganda: “For the girls, the possibility of improving and excelling in sport opens up. Their dream of playing football is tangible and, thanks to Sport For Change, we can build long-term goals”.

Fondazione Italia Uganda would like to thank Fondazione Milan for giving the young female students of BCK Primary a chance of emancipation and empowerment through football.

Support with us “Empowering women and girls through Football” and help the girls of the Sport for Change programme to become protagonists, on and off the field, of a sporting and social affirmation.