PEGASO – Educational Paths that Generate Actions in a Society that Looks at Every Young Person

The project, which welcomes young people with relational, family and behavioral problems, aims to show them the importance of simple and concrete things in understanding the value of education, relationships and affection.


Pegaso is a project aimed at young people aged between 11 and 17, referred by social services and/or with criminal proceedings with relational, family and behavioral problems who show difficulty or disinterest in the academic path they are following. Fondazione Milan will organize two sports modules, one in Gallarate and one in Vimodrone, aimed at young people welcomed by the Association Kayros Onlus, Età Insieme Cooperativa Sociale Onlus, and Cura e Riabilitazione Onlus.

All activities and moments on and off the field will be coordinated by a team of specialized sports technicians, who will be continuously supported by educators from the project partner organizations, in order to ensure adequate involvement of young people in both sports and socialization and mutual knowledge activities.


Fondazione Milan considers the implementation of sports activities as an important tool for education and social inclusion. Sport and its values are a mirror of reality and can therefore help young people find valid motivations to engage and work with dedication, putting themselves to the test together with their peers and understanding the value and beauty of the educational path taken. Each group of young people will be accompanied in the development of the technical-motor sphere (in all its perceptual components, and in its executive and coordinative factors), the cognitive sphere (increasing the capacity for observation, analysis and interpretation of moments and game problems) and finally the relational sphere, paying particular attention to the socialization and integration processes of individuals in the group.


30 young people between the ages of 11 and 17 referred by project partner organizations.

Fondazione Milan

Association Kayros Onlus

Età Insieme Cooperativa Sociale Onlus

Cura e Riabilitazione Onlus

Fondazione Eris

Comune di Milano

Istituto San Giuseppe Società Cooperativa Sociale