Brandon’s dedication | Sport for Change

Brandom at football training

Brandon is 12 years old and attends Primary 5 at Bishop Cyprian Kihangire Primary School where The Fondazione Milan’s Sport for Change programme is active together with Fondazione Italia Uganda. Brandon started playing football when he was in second grade, and his dream is to become a professional player in Uganda’s national football team. Today, he uses every available moment to train. He is very rigorous, and he wants to become better and better! However, there is a reason why Brandon loves football so much: he told us that it was through this sport that he met his closest friends. This shows how the potential of sport is not limited to physical activity, but goes far beyond that, giving children unforgettable memories, life lessons and friendship.

“When I was little I used play football with my friends Edwin, Joe and Maxwell. I have never lost interest in football. I love my sports teachers because they gave me space in the football team. I have always tried my best to support the team. I love football because it makes me physically fit and I make more friends. One day I want to play for Uganda cranes. It’s my beautiful team.  But I support AC Milan too and it started when my dad started supporting them also”.

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