Kathila Campus – Kolkata

Sport is a tool for social redemption, inclusion and growth.


The Asha Bhavan centre in Kolkata, India, has as its mission the rehabilitation and educational development of children, particularly girls, with disabilities, whose lives are characterised by poverty, both economic and educational, and exclusion from the community. In an all-round assistance, the association aims to give girls back their right to health and sport.


The Asha Bhavan Centre, which operates in the suburbs of Calcutta, is committed to offering therapeutic and rehabilitation support to children with disabilities, promoting education and integration in a context of extreme poverty. Convinced that the practice of sport can concretely promote greater health, wellbeing and integration, the Centre includes in its offer various recreational and competitive sport activities, with a special focus on girls, who would otherwise be excluded from practising any discipline.

The mission is to create a welcoming place for children with disabilities and those living in difficult situations, where they can feel part of a community and develop their talents. On the Kathila campus, the construction of a multi-sports field has been planned, with the primary aim of developing sportsmanship in children with disabilities and those living in difficult circumstances and promoting the idea that sport can be practised by all in a unified way.

It also aims to encourage and promote the participation of vulnerable children in mainstream sporting activities at all levels and to ensure that they have the opportunity to organise, develop and participate in sporting and recreational activities.


The project targets around 150 children and young people with disabilities, or who live in situations of economic and social hardship, ranging in age from 4 years old to the age of majority, who attend the sports academy on the Kathila campus.

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