WE PLAY Football School 2016/17

For the second season running Fondazione Milan is joining forces with Briantea84 to support integrated sports for people with intellectual and behavioural disabilities.


Briantea84 has been promoting sports for people with disabilities, particularly children, for over 30 years.

It has often had to deal with the lack of sports facilities and activities which help people integrate into “normal” life situations rather than simply providing assistance.

Experience gained through the “WE PLAY – Football School” project during the 201/1 season has shown Briantea84 and Fondazione Milan how athletes’ personal and training objectives can converge: improving sports skills also produces visible results in terms of each person’s identity and personal growth.

For this reason the We play project has been renewed for the 201/1 season.


The “We Play- football school” project

Briantea84 and Fondazione Milan’s ambition is still to support sport with no barriers, using football as a means of encouraging young people with and without disabilities to come together and nurture personal growth. There are two parallel sections of the programme, which was inspired by the experience gained over the previous season:

  • an introduction to sports via a Football School for school-age children with intellectual and behavioural disabilities
  • access to integrated competitive sports, where young people with and without disabilities play alongside in the same Top Level Team. The team is also supported as part of the “Max &Friends” tournament at the Lazzate Sports Arena and the “Gerenzano-Rovello Cup” (5-a-side football).


IL PROGETTO “We Play - Football School”

L’ambizione di Briantea84 e Fondazione Milan è ancora quella di promuovere uno sport senza barriere, utilizzando il calcio come strumento di crescita e integrazione tra ragazzi senza e con disabilità. Il programma, messo a punto dopo l’esperienza maturata nella scorsa stagione sportiva, si articola in due interventi  paralleli:

• un percorso di avviamento alla pratica sportiva attraverso una vera e propria Scuola Calcio per bambini e ragazzi con disabilità intellettivo relazione in età scolare.

• un percorso di accesso all’attività agonistica integrata che vede in un’unica Squadra Top Level la partecipazione di ragazzi con disabilità e ragazzi normodotati. La squadra così composta viene seguita anche nel confronto agonistico all’interno del torneo “Max &Friends” di Lazzate e della “Gerenzano-Rovello Cup” di calcio a 5.


Project beneficiaries

35 children will take part in the project, 4 more than the previous season. This reflects the excellent results already achieved as well as a growing level of participation.

The Football School will be open to 16 athletes with intellectual and behavioural disabilities aged between 8 and 17. All of them come from the Provinces of Lecco, Monza e Brianza and Como and are currently living at the “La Nostra Famiglia” rehabilitation centre in Bosisio Parini.

19 athletes will play in the integrated Top Level team, including 6 people with intellectual and behavioural disabilities aged between 23 and 37 from the Provinces of Como, Varese and Milan. They will be joined by 13 able-bodied players aged between 21 and 35 from the Province of Como.

Project partners

Briantea84 A.S.D. promotes sports activities for people with disabilities, focusing particularly on children.

Fondazione Milan Onlus has been championing and supporting access to inclusive sports for children with disabilities for many years through the Sport for All programme.

The La Nostra Famiglia Onlus charity is also a project partner.