Giacomo a Playmore volunteer! | Sport for All

Growing up with Sport for All

My name is Giacomo and I have been a volunteer with the Fondazione Milan‘s Sport for All project at PlayMore for seven years.

During a tournament in Milan, I met this incredible group. At the end of the game, the educator of the project approached me and invited me to join the PlayMore team. As I said, “yes,” I had no idea that my answer would lead me to the beginning of a journey of growth of inestimable educational value. So, together with one of my teammates, I went to play five-a-side football at Playmore! in this mixed team of kids and ‘special’ footballers.

The experience had such a profound impact on me that I joined the project the following year as the first ‘little volunteer’ and began attending training sessions continuously and with great enthusiasm.

When I was younger, I viewed football as a simple game, but after this experience, I realized that Playmore football promotes integration and, above all, helps volunteers grow as individuals.

The purpose of Sport for All is to teach you to see the positive side of people and to see them in a ‘natural’ manner, and to establish a spontaneous and meaningful relationship with them.

It is an experience that helps one to grow with an open mind and a greater regard for diversity. As I play with the team, I am fascinated by the goodness of the players, whose only goal is to have fun together, not to excel in sport, not to be extremely competitive but to help individuals bring out their unique talents.

On World Volunteer Day, Fondazione Milan would like to thank all the volunteers who join the foundation’s activities. This is because, through their passion, we are able to pass on the values of sport to the children who benefit from the projects.