AC Milan supporters during Milan-Sassuolo which has celebrated the 120 years of the football club.

It’s available online, on Amazon, the book “The other face of AC Milan”, written by Enrico Fonte, journalist and writer, which all the proceeds will go to support the programs of the red&black non-profit. The secretary general of Fondazione Milan, Rocco Giorgianni, has written the preface, which you can read here:

“It is difficult to find such a widespread and at the same time difficult to explain the feeling as the fans’ passion for their favourite team. It is a feeling that is handed down from father to son, a flow that normally remains uninterrupted, until the eyes of a child encounter the magic that only great champions and some great teams can transmit, leaving an indelible mark in the history of those who come across them. This was the case for many Milan fans, who were lucky enough to cross their lives with the Rossoneri colours. This is certainly the case for the special stories contained in this book, stories that unite many fans who have followed and loved Milan throughout history. This love has always been reciprocated, often with victories and trophies that characterized the first 120 years of its life. Love and passion never fail, even in difficult times: more than ever in those moments it’s possible to sense the unconditional love of the fans for their club. As, first of all, Milan is a matter of the heart for them, it belongs to them. They are and always will be there. The story of the Fondazione Milan is the same story of passion. First and foremost, it’s for the people: thousands of children, young people and adults we have met over the years, who have given us much more than we have been able to give them. They have touched us, made us reflect and above all they have given us a boost to go ahead in this difficult but wonderful work. We met them in the suburbs of Milan as in the slums of Nairobi, we played with them in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and in the leprosariums of Calcutta. They gave us smiles, the desire to live and dream, as well as the desire to never give up. Love and passion that we would never have been able to express in the same way without the help and support of the big Milan family, of which the fans are, for sure, the beating heart!”

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