A Goal To Dream – Pakistan

Raising awareness about the importance of gender equality and promoting female empowerment through sports.


Fondazione Milan supports the “A Goal to Dream” project, promoted by PPG Sports, L’ORMA, and AL2Sport, to offer over 50 girls from the Yasin Valley – an area located in northern Pakistan – the opportunity to fulfill their dream of playing soccer.

The project kick-off took place at the Casa della Memoria in Milan, featuring the screening of the documentary “A Goal to Dream” (to follow). It is the story of the daily lives of a group of Pakistani girls from the border area with Afghanistan and Tajikistan, facing a system rich in prejudice day after day, significantly limiting their freedom in sports and society in general. It’s an artistic, yet truthful, narrative of the context in which the project aims to intervene.


The project will lead to the creation of a new sports and gathering place, a safe and inclusive environment where girls can associate sports practice with a series of other educational activities. It will host tournaments and other awareness events on the importance of gender equality and the promotion of female empowerment in sports.


The project is dedicated to over 50 girls from the Yasin Valley.

Fondazione Milan

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