Virginia: an example of determination for slum girls! – Sport for Change

One day of school competitions in Kenya

Virginia, a young girl from the slums of Nairobi, had the opportunity to showcase her talent and love for football by participating in school football competitions in Kenya. These competitions are an extraordinary opportunity for girls like her who dream of overcoming adversity and realizing their dreams through sports. 

With passion and determination, Virginia put on the goalkeeper gloves for the Njiru sub-county team and faced the challenge with courage. On the hot afternoon of August 3rd, she defended the goal against the Kamukunji sub-county team, displaying talent and determination. Her team won with a score of 2-1, securing a spot in the semi-finals! 

However, on August 4th, Virginia‘s team was defeated in the semi-finals and couldn’t make it to the finals. Despite this disappointment, the resilient spirit of the girls and their dedication to the sport remains unwavering. 

For a girl from the Nairobi slums, the opportunity to play football means much more than just competition. It means dreaming big, overcoming challenges, and inspiring others with one’s determination. Virginia has become a role model both at home and at school, proving that even in the most difficult circumstances, it is possible to pursue one’s dreams. 

Virginia shared her emotions about the day: “This experience is a precious gift that I’ve been given, and I want to sincerely thank Fondazione Milan and everyone who supported us. Being selected to represent the Njiru sub-county was an honor and immense pride. Even though we faced difficulties, this experience will always remain in my heart. I will continue to work hard to improve, and I hope that one day, I can inspire other girls to chase their dreams in sports. Thank you again to everyone who supported us. I will never stop fighting and dreaming big.” 

Despite the challenges, these experiences in the world of sports will remain an important chapter in Virginia‘s life, and future opportunities to continue nurturing her football talent are very much alive. Fondazione Milan has played an essential role in making this experience possible and in promoting sports among young people in underprivileged communities!