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Tullia and her favourite sport: rhythmic gymnastics to music!

Today we tell the story of Tullia, a young woman with disabilities who, thanks to the Sport for All project, which takes place at the Playmore centre in Milan, is able to practise her favourite sport: rhythmic gymnastics.

Tullia is happy to be able to do sport to the rhythm of music, first of all because it is her first experience and then because she immediately noticed the benefits it brought her.

She explains that it is important to have a group with which to do gymnastics together because you are more motivated to do sport, and it also helps a lot to be followed by a good instructor like Beatrice, assisted by the educator Ilaria,

“The great thing is to have a chat with my teammates before training,” Tullia tells us, “it helps us integrate with each other and get to know each other better.  In this hour and a half we have a lot of fun together: in addition to the warm-up exercises with music, which helps you relax and get charged up at the same time, we always learn something new in each lesson.

For example, I remember when in addition to the warm-up, we did different gaits on the athletics track to warm up our legs, and between us, there was always a serene and fun atmosphere.

I’ve been doing gymnastics here at the sports centre for a month now and I’ve learned a lot, but not only that, I’ve also improved with the tendinitis I’ve had for years! And what’s more…it’s always fun!!!

It’s an easy way to integrate with others and feel good both mentally and physically through sport.

By supporting the Sport for All project you will help support young people like Tullia who are at risk of not being able to practice sport. Help us to create a society on a human scale!

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