Simona, a happy mother for her son | Sport for Change

Simona tells us about her experience with the "Sport for Change" project!

Today we are telling a new story from another point of view, that of a parent.

Simona is the mother of a child who is taking part in the training sessions of the Sport for Change-“Fare Rete!” project launched thanks to the support of the Fondazione Milan at the Cometa Sports Association, in the city of Como.

“Spending more time at home makes my son more unhappy, less focused on his school work, to which he devotes little enthusiasm. In personal relationships he is more nervous, and at home, he is more careless in taking care of his things. In general, I see him much less motivated about everything. Yesterday I asked him what he thought about online training and he said that he enjoys it less because he can’t be with his teammates, he can’t do the goal shooting competitions and much more.”

But training “at a distance” is still preferable to idleness, in fact, “after the online training with his teammates, I saw him happy and tired, even physically,” says his mother.

Simona, is aware of the benefits that sport can give and of the educational value that it has in the life of her son, as well as of many other children linked to the sport experience they are doing.

She explained how continuing to train is valuable, even if through a screen it is more difficult to create relationships and make a team. Sport gives you the opportunity to measure your abilities and limitations, to accept them and to work hard to try to overcome them.

Training at home through a screen can sometimes be hard, but, as Simona tells us in this anecdote, sometimes funny mishaps happen: “During the last virtual training session, between one kick and another at the ball… at a certain point there was a suspicious noise… she turned to me, looked at me and said… Oops, I think something is broken”, says the mother, smiling.

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