Kledi realises his dream | Sport for All

Kledi finally plays on a real football pitch!

“I’ve always wanted to play on a real pitch and realise my dream!”, Kledi is excited, you can see it in his big, black eyes, and he can’t wait to talk about his experience. He is seven years old and dreams of becoming a famous footballer when he grows up.

In fact, thanks to the Sport For All project, born from the collaboration between the Fondazione Milan and the Èbbene Foundation at the Polo Educativo Spazio47 in Catania, Kledi can practice sport and realise his dream: “I want to become a champion admired by everyone!” he says, smiling. Now he can train together with children who, like him, had never played in a safe place, sharing the same passion and the desire to build sincere bonds.  He likes going to school,” his mother tells us, “he makes new friends, he helps others, he’s cheerful, he’s funny while at the table he tells us about his day, he rebels less and is careful to respect the rules. On and off the field.

She is satisfied and certain of her improvement.
Kledi had never played football before, except in the streets. Imaginary goals and no rules to follow: because in San Cristoforo, the rules are made by the grown-ups, and the children wait their turn (often arguing) to kick a ball.

He wants to become a champion and be strong enough to banish all bad thoughts. He no longer wants to play on the streets, but only on a real pitch. “When I play I am focused and I like to help my teammates: we are a team”.

And now, thanks to this initiative, each of them has a real field on which to build playing strategies and grow together, respecting each other with the certainty of having a real goal in common and countless goals to cheer for!

Support the Sport for All project, you will be able to help Kledi and many children at risk of discrimination and social exclusion.

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