Kenneth and Ferious: love for football | Sport for Change

Sport changes lives!

Onen Kenneth is 29 years old and is a gymnastics teacher, head of sports activities and football coach at Bishop Cipriano Kihangire primary school, a school supported by Fondazione Milanthrough a partnership with Fondazione Italia Uganda.

“I became a teacher at Bishop Cipriano Kihangire in 2007. I saw that the children at the school had a lot of interest in football and that some of them were really talented. I started training with them and that is how the school decided to make me head of sports activities and football coach.

My love for football started a long time ago when I was in primary school. We used to play using balls made from materials such as torn clothes and plastic bags. One day, a priest donated a ball to my school and I was one of the few children lucky enough to play with it.

I cannot express the joy I felt that day: my love for sport began at that moment.

With its donation, the Fondazione Milan has given the greatest gift to children who love football and have never had the opportunity to cultivate their talent. This sport is becoming more and more popular than in the past, in fact, in the past it was not so popular and parents were very strict with children who played it at school. I am happy to see that parents are now asking for their children to be allowed on the team.

Since the team was formed, many children have shown more and more interest and Bishop Cipriano Kihangire managed to win its first game 4 to 1 against another school’s team.

The enthusiasm and excitement that the students are showing for the sport is partly due to the donation received. I am confident that the children I am coaching will go a long way.

We look forward to getting better, winning more games and seeing how football will changethe lives of our kids.”

One of Kenneth’s students is Murungyi Kobaki Ferious, 12, a pupil at Bishop Cyprian Kihangire Primary School:

“Why do I love football? Well, I love football because it is part of my dreams, and I love following my dreams!

During the holidays I always went to school to continue training and so it was also during the lockdown, even though I had to work, I wanted to be able to find time to play football.

Now I am here in our school’s camp to improve and become a good footballer. To my peers, I would like to say never let your dreams slip away: do your best to realise them!

Thanks to all Fondazione Milan supporters who give us the chance to play football!”

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