Play for the future – Murialdo Oratory

The project aims to realize social positive change and improve people's quality of life.


The project intends to use sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion, in areas and neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city of Milan, which often lack adequate spaces and socio-cultural stimuli.
Spaces that, over the years, have known only decay and decay are transformed into real places, places to meet, grow and get to know each other. The children are thus placed in a structured and appropriate context, which allows them and the entire community to develop an identity and a strong sense of belonging, as well as positive and lasting relationships.


The Saint Leonard Murialdo Oratory is located in the Lorenteggio-Giambellino neighbourhood of Milan, an area characterised by intense migration flows and difficulties in integrating the many ethnic groups that populate it. In this context, the Oratory is concerned with providing constant support to the community, committing itself to accompanying the growth of young people, especially those in difficulty, through initiatives and projects that stimulate their interest and promote their development.

Among the many activities, those related to the sports offer stand out, connected to the need to respond, through sport, to the needs of the community and in particular of the youngest. Sport is therefore classified as an educational tool through which young people learn to stay together in harmony and grow in a structured and positive context, where they learn values such as respect, inclusion, loyalty and cooperation.

Fondazione MIlan wanted to take part in the Assist project with a donation destined for the construction of the new 7-a-side football pitch with synthetic grass, so as to provide the young people of the neighbourhood with a quality, state-of-the-art facility, where they can activate a sporting and educational proposal that is open and aimed at the whole area.


The main direct beneficiaries of this project will be the children and young people who attend the activities of the Oratory and the ASD Sporting Murialdo, which was founded in 2018 and now has more than one hundred boys and girls, aged between 6 and 15, who play basketball, football and first volleyball.

The main mission of the ASD is to offer quality sporting activities that are accessible to all and inclusive, with a strongly educational characterisation. The new sports space will therefore become a positive meeting place for all members of the community.

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  • Comune di Milano
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