Lorenzo’s commitment | Sport for All

Together to prepare the new season

Lorenzo got to know fencing thanks to his older brother Davide, who had already been attending the Accademia Scherma Lia gym for a few years where the Fondazione Milan‘s Sport for Allprogramme is active.

“I used to pick him up after training with our grandfather and, watching his training sessions, I fellin love with the sport. So I asked my parents to enrol me. If I had to tell you about the Accademia Scherma Lia, I would say that for me it is a big family. I have bonded with many of my teammates who have become great friends. I am the youngest in the academy in terms of age, they consider me almost a mascot and I like that very much. Training is going very well, as the year is almost over, we are training a lot physically to prepare for the competitions we will face next year.” Lorenzo

As for future goals, “I really love this sport, I hope to be able to work hard to win races and get good results. I hope to become a good and strong fencer. I will work hard!”

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