The project, through sporting activity and workshops, aims to support children at risk of early school leaving, youth unemployment and in conflict with the law


The reference framework of our Sport for Change Neapolitan branch are Naples neighbourhoods Sanità and Forcella.
Two important districts, with a situation of deep neglect which mainly concerns urban areas, economic, social and cultural aspects. The two districts are marked by a high unemployment rate and early school leaving, involving more than 50% of the population.

The high level of unemployment begins with the economic crisis but also it is also due to politics and to the influence of organised crime. Also early school leaving is influenced by the historical, social, cultural and economic contexts, and takes many different forms (sporadic attendance, low performance, early leaving, failing the year repeatedly), that show a relational distress which leads children to social isolation. On the other hand, also families have a very low education (compulsory education), and in any case, not enough to give children the right motivation to study, which kids see as a ‘duty’ or as something imposed by families rather than as a right and a means to socialize and to grow.

Migration flows grew in the two neighbourhoods and, as a consequence, there was the increase of people belonging to disadvantaged social classes, therefore making social distress louder. Early parenthood causes the failure to take care of kids. Lots of kids live in contexts which don’t have the minimum housing requirements (high population density, decay, poor hygiene). They spend most of their time on the roads.

The inconsistency and precariousness of the world around them tend to fuel these teens towards aggressive or persecutory behaviours or to foster their fears (fear of leaving the neighborhood, of taking public transportation, of change).


Sport as a means to educate: our aim is to give the beneficiaries of this project the opportunity to experience a personal and social development path, to help their inclusion in schools, families, territory.

We want to guide kids through the identification of their potential and give them the chance to nurture their talent. The kids involved in the project will be included in an annual path divided into sporting activity on the pitch and education activity. Sporting activity is developed in two weekly appointments, while the lab activities will be based on subjects connected to education and introduction to the working life, a workshop on how to become a waiter and a theatre workshop.

The activities will constantly be followed by a multidisciplinary staff formed by a coach, a psychologist and a tutor, who will be supported, during the lab activities, by qualified personnel from a specialized organization.


15 kids will benefit from the project: 5 children from Nisida jeuvenile detention center, 7 kids recommended by the association Associazione Portofranco, 3 kids recommended by Ente Suore di Carità dell’Assunzione.


The aim of the territorial network is to create a network with all partners involved in this project as a source of opportunities, innovation and competitive advantage. Moreover, the network is a valid and concrete way to support the community on the territory. In detail: those who cooperate with us are SSD Europa (sporting activities for kids between 15-24 yo, theatre labs, social-educational support meetings), Gi Group (work education), FOSVI (waiter lab).