Stefano Borgonovo Foundation – The hospital in your home

Fondazione Milan and Stefano Borgonovo Foundation join forces once again in the fight against SLA through the project "The hospital at your home".


Milan Polyclinic – Association of Friends of the “Dino Ferrari Centre”.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Associazione Amici del “Centro Dino Ferrari”, Fondazione Milan has donated four diagnostic monitoring systems with multi-parameter functions to the Neurology O.C. department of the Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico in Milan. The monitoring system is used for the surveillance of critical cardiovascular pathologies and emergency situations, for the acquisition and continuous storage of the electrocardiographic signal on the 12 leads, of bloodless and bloodless haemodynamic parameters and of CO2/EtCO2.  The “Centro Dino Ferrari”, directed by Prof. Nereo Bresolin, in over thirty years of activity has gradually established itself as a national and international centre of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of the main neurological diseases. More than 32,000 patients a year attend the Centre’s outpatient and inpatient facilities, where a staff of 80 doctors and researchers work in advanced laboratories to study genetic mechanisms and develop experimental and clinical therapies for these diseases.

The Association of Friends of the “Dino Ferrari Centre” is a non-profit organisation and its sole objective is to promote and support scientific research in the field of neurology by raising funds and free donations.