Play for the future – Alda Merini

A social innovation project aimed at redeveloping and regenerating existing urban areas or sports facilities to turn them into places of social cohesion and aggregation.


The “In gioco per il futuro” project intends to use sport as a tool for integration and social inclusion, in areas and neighbourhoods on the outskirts of the city of Milan, which often lack adequate spaces and stimuli in the socio-cultural sphere.

The outdoor areas of the Alda Merini School Institute in Milan, which have deteriorated and decayed over the years, are transformed into places where people can meet, grow and get to know each other. The children are thus placed in a structured and appropriate context, which allows them and the entire community to develop an identity and a strong sense of belonging, as well as positive and lasting relationships.


In cooperation with the municipal administration, a five-a-side football pitch and a multi-sports pitch were renovated.

The school is located in Municipality 8 of Milan, a socially critical area where there is a strong need for school children to take part in sports activities.


The main beneficiaries are the school’s students and young people in the neighbourhood. The school is part of the Scuole Aperte (Open Schools) project, promoted by the Municipality of Milan to extend the opening hours of schools in the afternoons, at weekends, and when the school is closed, so that they are available to the area in which they are located, through activities aimed both at pupils and their families and at the entire population, thus becoming a place of inclusion and overcoming any form of discrimination.

  • Fondazione Milan
  • Municipality of Milan
  • Limonta Sport